Webelos Resident Camp

Advancement Opportunities

Check back for updates on the new 2015 advancement program

5th grade cooking At Webelos Resident Camp, an emphasis will be placed on earning Webelos activity badges as well as Sports and Academic belt loops and pins; while enjoying the many outdoor activities offered in our camp. At many of the program areas you will have several choices of activities. Some may include advancement opportunities and others may be just pure fun. Please be sure to take advantage of a variety of the opportunities that camp has to offer.

Advancement Overview

Opportunities at camp

We will offer opportunities to meet the requirements for several of the Webelos activity badges. Each Scout will have the opportunity to work on badges based on his interests. Camp is meant to be fun, so please do not overschedule activity badge work.

We also offer Sports and Academic belt loops and pins. The belt loops can normally be earned by participation in some of the camp activities. Pins are also available in some of the subjects for boys who earn the belt loop and want to put in additional time and effort.

In addition, first year Webelos will have the opportunity to meet the flag ceremony requirement for the Webelos badge. Second year Webelos will have the opportunity to complete many of the Arrow of Light requirements.

Webelos activity badges

Expected to be offered in 2014

  • Aquanaut
  • Activity badgesAthlete
  • Craftsman
  • Fitness
  • Forester
  • Geologist
  • Naturalist
  • Outdoorsman
  • Readyman
  • Sportsman

Sports and Academics belt loops and pins

Expected to be offered in 2014

  • PinsArchery (pin)
  • Astronomy
  • BB Gun Shooting (pin)
  • Fishing (pin)
  • Hiking (pin)
  • Map & Compass (pin)
  • Swimming (pin)
  • Weather

Activity badges, belt loops and pins are subject to change.


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