Winnebago Scout Reservation

Splitrock Reservoir Canoe Trek

Weekend Program at Winnebago

The Splitrock Reservoir occupies 600 acres adjacent to Winnebago Scout Reservation in Rockaway, NJ. Several troops have chosen to do a mini canoe trek to the reservoir and we are now making this opportunity available to more of our camping troops and crews.

There is an island at the reservoir where units can camp and there is no charge for its use. Keep in mind that this is a public facility so there may be other people camping or visiting the island. The island is considered a wilderness area, and there are no toilet facilities available. You can bring your own canoes, or for convenience you can rent two-person canoes from Winnebago at $25.00 per day (24 hours or less). Units usually put the canoes in at the Winnebago fishing dock and paddle across Durham Pond. They then port the canoes over to Splitrock via the dam/spillway and canoe to the island. Some units camp at Winnebago on Friday night and go to Splitrock on Saturday and spend the night there. Normal camping fees apply for use of Winnebago facilities.

Make a reservationIf you choose to use Splitrock Reservoir, you will need a tour plan. Please leave the facility in better shape than you find it on arrival. For more information contact Winnebago Scout Reservation at 973-983-9075. To reserve canoes or a tent site at Winnebago, please make an online reservation.


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