Winnebago Scout Reservation

Leaders' Information

LeaderThe staff at Winnebago Scout Reservation is family. There are many parent and Scout family members on staff. You will find the Winnebago staff hardworking, dedicated, experienced, and ready to have you join their family. The staff excels at the Winnebago program and is a great positive experience to your stay at Winnebago. At the conclusion of the week the staff puts on a memorable closing campfire and the re-enactment of the Legend of Winnebago. Scouters consider the Winnebago merit badge program to be challenging and fair. Scouts earn their badges and can be proud of their accomplishments.

In the words of Rich Mager, the longest running BSA Aquatics Director in the universe

Your experience at Winnebago Scout Reservation will be "TREEE-MENDOUS!"


Winnebago Leaders' Guide

The best source of information for Troop Leaders is the Winnebago Leaders' Guide.  This contains everything you need to know about camp including:

  • E-Z Check-In (Tuesday evening before camp)
  • Arrival times and Sunday schedule
  • Wristbands
  • Emergency Information
  • Pictures
  • Scoutmaster's lounge
  • Insurance
  • Merit badges
  • Dan Beard program
  • Program schedule
  • Outpost opportunities
  • Special opportunities
  • Campwide programs and services
  • Steak cookout
  • Miss Winnie pontoon boat trips
  • Individual, patrol and unit awards

Other Information

Be sure to visit the Forms/Information page for all of the registration forms, medical forms and other forms and information you will need for camp.

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