Camp Wheeler

A Day at Camp Wheeler

Here is an overview of some of the "non- program"
portions of your day at Camp Wheeler!



Camp Wheeler runs Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm. Scouts experience a full action packed day, from the moment they get off the bus in the morning until they get on the bus at the end of the day. Below is some of the daily routines which they will experience at camp. Take a look at a sample daily schedule for examples of typical days at camp.


In the morning and afternoon, the camp has an opening and closing flag ceremony.  Scouts learn how to properly raise and lower the flag as well as how to salute the flag out of uniform. Following morning flags, the Cub Scout promise is recited by all campers and the staff leads the Scouts in a morning song.  Once the song is finished, the Koo StickProgram Director announces the previous day's winner of the Koo Stick. Then the Scouts are released to their den leaders to head off to the program areas.

Koo Stick

The Koo Stick is awarded to one den every day. It is given to the den that collects the most garbage, earns the most points at each area, and shows the most Cub Scout spirit.  Scouts can earn points for their den by wearing any Scout or camp related t-shirt or bringing anything that relates to the theme.  Once awarded, the den carries the Koo Stick with them the rest of the day, and they must add something to it before returning it.  


Lunch is split up into two periods. Normally, Cub Scout dens eat first, followed by the Webelos dens. Scouts Lunch 2bring their own lunches. They place them in a den lunch crate at the beginning of the day.  The lunches are brought up to the walk-in refrigerator in our lunch facility. Scouts are provided with bug juice. Following lunch, campers can visit the trading post where they can buy a snack and souvenirs such as bracelets, patches, dog tags, or an old camp t-shirt. Once everyone has had an chance to visit the trading post, our staff leads the campers in a song or a cheer. The Scouts are then dismissed by den.  The cleanest and quietest tables go first.

Rainy Days / Severe Heat

In the event of rain (liquid sunshine), camp continues as normal.  This is why we encourage all Scouts to bring rain gear.  If thunder is heard, the pool, lake, and games area are all shut down for a half hour from the last Cooling offsound of thunder.  Campers participate in alternative activities such as instruction in the citizen, marbles, music, science and other academic belt loops.  We also have active indoor activities such as scooter hockey and races.  If severe thunderstorms occur, all Scouts are brought indoors for alternative activities.

In the event of severe heat, the games area and the lake are closed down and the dens are sent to the pool.  If the heat is too severe, the whole camp is brought to the pool for a camp wide swim.   Regardless of the temperature, Scouts are constantly encouraged to drink plenty of water in order to prevent dehydration.

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