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Summer Camp is more than having fun and earning merit badges

ClimbingScouts indicate that summer camp is more than just a place to have fun. It also offers Scouts the opportunity to participate in physically and intellectually challenging activities, introduces them to new and rewarding experiences, and provides them with supportive and caring relationships.

Camp Somers is a great camp where your son will grow

Please contact your Scoutmaster for further information about your troop's plans for summer camp at Camp Somers. If your troop will not be here this summer, we welcome you to come as an individual Scout.

Details about summer camp

Parents are encouraged to review the Camp Somers Summer Camp Leaders' Guide. It is the bible for troop leaders but it is also packed with lots of useful information for Scouts and their parents.


Scouts like to get mail at camp!  It can take several days for the mail to arrive. So mail early (even before they leave for camp).  TentHere is our address: 

Scout Name, troop number and campsite

Camp Somers, MASR

750 Waterloo Road

Stanhope, New Jersey 07874

Phone Calls

In case of emergency, the camp phone number is: 973-347-2240. Please be prepared to provide your son's name, troop and campsite.  We will then send a messenger to the adult leader at the campsite. 

Trading Post Trading Post

The trading post stock includes handicraft items, snacks, soft drinks, slush puppies, ice cream, popcorn, stamps, merit badge pamphlets and other Scouting literature, T-shirts, uniform parts, various items from the BSA Supply Catalog, and souvenirs.


The weather at Camp Somers can range from clear and sunny in the 90s to clear and cool at night with lows sometimes in the 60s.


If you have any questions about summer camp with your troop, please review the Camp Somers Summer Camp Leaders' Guide and contact your Scoutmaster. If you are coming to one of our summer camps for individual Scouts, please review the information below.  Each of these camps also has its own guide for parents and Scouts.

Provisional Camp Troop at Somers

Can't go to camp with your troop?  Wants to spend more than one week at camp?  Check out our Provisional Camp Troop.

Trailblazer Day Camp

Not quite ready for overnight camp?  Wants to see what camp is like?  Looking to get a taste of the Boy Scout program?  Maybe you are an experienced Scout with an evening job. Check out our Trailblazer Day Camp program.  Bus transportation is included.

ShootingSpecialty Camps

One week in August is a dedicated Specialty Camp Week at Camp Somers. Individual Scouts are invited to join us for the most fun you have ever had at camp. We have four focused programs. Pick your favorite, tell your friends, and be there for a great week.

  • Aquatics Camp - Fun in and on the water
  • Backwoods Engineering Camp - Build bridges, towers, boats and more
  • Lumberjack Camp - Forestry, pole climbing, log rolling and more
  • Shooting Sports Camp - Rifles, shotguns, archery and more

Council Refund Policy

Please be sure to review the refund policy before registering for camp.

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