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WaterfrontAt Camp Somers we are dedicated to help support your troop or crew in its commitment to offering a quality, educational, and fun experience that a Scout will remember for the rest of his or her life. We understand that the summer camp experience is often the pinnacle of a troop or crew's year-round efforts in teaching Scouts the aims and methods of the program.

As a Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor, use your week at camp to sit back and look at the fruit of your labors as your Scouts push themselves to exciting, new limits and have new experiences – each strongly rooted in the training you provided them in your troops and crews.

Camp Somers Leaders' Guide

The best source of information for troop leaders is the Camp Somers Leaders' Guide. The guide is usually released in March. It is divided into sections that cover the Camp Somers program, your week at camp, and administrative items. If you should have any more questions other than what the guide offers, feel free to contact the Patriots' Path Council camping department at 973-765-9322 x238 or the camp directly at 973-347-3266.

For summer program-specific questions feel free to contact Camp Somers Program Director, James Hitchings, at

Other Information

Be sure to visit the Forms/Information page for all of the registration forms, medical forms and other forms and information you will need for camp.

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