Adirondack Treks at Sabattis Adventure Camp

Adirondack Trek Routes

We can also customize a trek just for you

Our treks are named after some of the people and places that contributed to the rich history of the Adirondacks. Click on each trek name for more information on Adirondak history. The canoeing and fishing treks also have links to overview route maps.

Many treks can accomodate up to 10 people unless otherwise stated. Be sure to download the printable trek guide for details. Contact Ian our trek director with questions on any of the trek routes.

new Trailblazer Trek - Canoeing for younger first time trekkers

Combination Trek - Canoeing and Hiking

Canoeing Treks

Wilderness Treks - Canoeing if not specified (7 person max)

Fishing Treks (7 person max)

  • Dan Emmett Trek: Little Clear Pond to Follensby Clear Pond - easy map
  • Edward L Trudeau Trek: Hoel Pond to Follensby Clear Pond - easy to morerate (options to climb mountain peaks or add more canoeing or fishing) map

Backpacking/Hiking Treks (7 person max)

Please download the trek guide for more details.

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