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Summer Camp is more than having fun and earning merit badges

Scouts indicate that summer camp is more than just a place to have fun. It also offers Scouts the opportunity to participate in physically and intellectually challenging activities, introduces them to new and rewarding experiences, and provides them with supportive and caring relationships.

Sabattis Adventure Camp is a special place where your son will grow

Please contact your Scoutmaster for further information about your troop's plans for summer camp at Sabattis.

Details about summer camp

Parents are encouraged to review the Sabattis Adventure Camp Summer Camp Leaders' Guide. It is the bible for troop leaders but it is also packed with lots of useful information for Scouts and their parents.

Camp Mail

Scouts like to get mail at Camp!  It takes several days for the mail to get to camp. So mail early (even before they leave for camp).  Do not mail anything after the Wednesday before the Scout returns home. 

SiteScout Name - Troop xxx / Campsite

Sabattis Adventure Camp

Patriots' Path Council

1745 Sabattis Road

Long Lake, NY 12847

Camp Phone

In case of emergency, you may call camp at 518-554-4240.  Please be prepared with your son's name, troop number and campsite.  We will then send a messenger to the adult leader at the campsite. Do not expect to talk with the person immediately.


The safety of all campers is of utmost importance at Winnebago. We follow all of the BSA guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting.  We also require Youth Protection Training for all staff and adults staying at camp.

Health LodgeHealth Lodge / Emergency Services

Our resident health officer lives at the health lodge and is available 24 hours a day to handle medical emergencies. In addition, arrangements have been made with a local doctor in Long Lake, and the Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake to be available for our campers at Sabattis. The Long Lake Rescue Squad and the local New York State Forest Ranger are also available for on-site emergencies and transportation to the local doctor and hospitals.

ArcheryThings to Bring

A personal equipment list for Sabattis Adventure Camp can be found in the Sabattis Leaders' Guide.

Trading Post

The Trading Post is the camp store.  Campers may purchase Sabattis Adventure Camp shirts and souvenirs, Merit Badge pamphlets (limited quantity), snacks/candy, beverages, and basic camping gear.  Merit Badge pamphlets may also be purchased at the Council Scout Shops.


The weather at Sabattis Adventure Camp can range to clear and sunny in the 80s to clear and cool at night with lows in the 40s.


If you have any questions about summer camp, please review the Sabattis Adventure Camp Summer Camp Leaders' Guide and contact your Scoutmaster.

Nearby Accomodations for families

Council Refund Policy

Please be sure to review the refund policy before registering for camp.

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