Operation Zero winter adventure

Winter Camping Training Program

Winnebago Scout Reservation - Rockaway, NJ

Sunday December 7, 2014

TrainingPerhaps the greatest magic of winter camping is the satisfaction of having successfully met the challenge, of doing something that few others have ever attempted and of having done more than you thought you could. Come to our cold weather camping training class and learn how much fun it is. You will be surprised!

Training isrecommended for all and mandatory for all Operation Zero participants who have not completed the this course within the past 2 years. Training is free for Operation Zero participants. The winter camping training class is also open to anyone interested in winter camping. If you are not participating in Operation Zero, the cost for the training is $13 per person.

Training Registration

Operation Zero attendees can confirm they will attend the training session when they register for Operation Zero.

If you wish to come to the training sessions, but you are not attending Operation Zero, please RSVP to John Dorn at least 10 days before the training. Payment of $13 per person can be made by check at the training.

Training Schedule

Sunday December 7, 2014

  • Adult leader advisor training - 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
  • Scout and adult leader advisor training - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Training Venue

The training class will be held in the dining hall at Winnebago Scout Reservation in Rockaway, NJ.

Topics to Include

  • Training 2Winter Camping - Why would anyone go winter camping?
  • Homeostasis - how the body adapts to the heat and cold
  • Dressing for success!
  • Winter sleeping systems
  • Winter shelter options
  • Food, water and sanitation on a winter adventure
  • Leave No Trace winter camping
  • Prevention of cold weather injuries and emergencies

For More Information

Please contact John Dorn at john.dorn@scouting.org - 973-765-9322 x238 or
Bob Morris at robert.morris@scouting.org - 973-765-9322 x223.

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