Sabattis Adventure Camp

Leader Information

Both Scouts and leaders return to Sabattis Adventure Camp every year because of their love of the camp. Sabattis Adventure Camp is a place for both Scouts and Leaders! While at Sabattis Adventure Camp, both you and your Scouts will have fun!

SabattisOur program schedule is different than traditional Boy Scout camps. In the morning your Scouts will have the opportunity to earn merit badges or work on advancement. During the afternoon, your Scouts can choose the fun activities they would like to do. They can participate in afternoon activities (climbing, biking, mountain boarding, COPE, open shooting, and more) in a group or as a troop. We promise to give you the best program, awesome star gazing, 1,250+ acres of pristine wilderness, and the best week of your Scouting year.

The adult leaders at Sabattis can sit back and relax, as our trained staff offers your Scouts the best program around! In your free time - read a book, go fishing, try our disc golf course or earn our adult leaders "Guild of the Barkeater Award".

During the week, you will see your Scouts develop teamwork and leadership skills, as they will be working as a team to cook their meals. We would like to thank you for your dedication towards Scouting. If it was not for you, there would be no Scouting program. If there is anything we can do to make your week more enjoyable, please contact the program director or camp director.

We offer a first year Scout program! Your first year Scouts can have the opportunity to work on advancement in our Trailblazer program. Many of our special programs are geared to younger Scouts (survival games, fire building contest . . .).

For your older Scouts that are looking for more adventures, why not take an Adirondack Trek? We have are many canoeing and hiking treks to choose from. Please see the Adirondack Trek web page for further information.

Getting excited yet?

Before Camp

  • Get all of your Scouts excited about Sabattis Adventure Camp! Request a free camp promotion by clicking here.
  • Private campsitesChoose your campsite preferences.
  • Send in the reservation form and deposit as soon as possible.
  • Attend the Sabattis Adventure Camp Leaders meeting usually held in March. You will be contacted with the date, time and location. The leader's meeting will provide you with vital pre-camp information and changes at camp.
  • Review the Sabattis Leaders' Guide.
  • Arrange with the Camping Service Department reservations for round trip bus service to Sabattis.
  • Make sure all proper paperwork is signed by parents. The forms can be found under Forms/ Information.
  • Prepare a camp roster and bring copies to camp. Please put adults and youth on separate pages. Only include names of people who will be in camp - not your entire unit roster. Birth dates are critical for adults as New York State conducts their own background check of all adults in camp.  Be sure to identify whan the adults will be in camp.
  • Tell your Scouts and parents what campsite your troop will be in.
  • Have your Scouts get an idea of what programs they want to do.  See the Sabattis Summer Camp Leaders' Guide for program schedules.
  • Have a pre-camp "shake down" meeting to make sure each Scout brings the proper clothes and equipment.
  • Have any questions? Feel free to contact us.
  • Smaller Troops/Crews can be linked with each other - contact Camping Services.

During Camp

  • T104 On arrival at camp, please check in at the camp office. Your troop will be permitted to send one vehicle and trailer to drop the trailer at a designated spot off the camp road in front of your campsite. The camp truck will be available to assist you in transporting gear to your campsite.
  • Our staff has a required time off until Sunday at 12 noon. At this time a site guide will come to your campsite to assist you in an orientation. The site guide will escort your troop to key locations throughout camp, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Our Camp Commissioner can also assist you with any needs and help make the best of your Sabattis Adventure Camp experience.
  • On Sunday evening, please join us at the camp BBQ put on by the staff.

After Camp

  • On Saturday morning, please coordinate with the camp office to arrange the camp truck to transport equipment.
  • Prior to leaving camp on Saturday morning, please check out at the camp office. You will receive your merit badge blue cards,and other paperwork. Please check all your paperwork before going home.
  • For blue card questions during the camp season, the Scoutmaster may contact the program director at camp.

Sabattis Leaders' Guide

The best overall source of information for Troop Leaders is the Sabattis Leaders' Guide.  This contains everything you need to know about camp:

Other Information

Be sure to visit the Forms/Resources page for all of the registration forms, medical forms and other forms and information you will need for camp.

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