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Camp Casperson

Hopatcong, NJ

Camp Casperson is situated on nearly 100 acres on the shores of Bear Pond in Hopatcong, NJ.  Camp Casperson is a primitive wilderness tent camping experience with no structured programs.


make a reservation Our online weekend camping reservation system is now operational. You can check availability and make reservations at any time. We are always available during business hours by phone at 973-765-9322, or in person, to answer questions or help in any way possible.

Entrance Gate and Parking

Camp CaspersonPlease be sure to have a copy of your confirmation e-mail with you while camping. You may be asked by local law enforcement to produce this documentation. There is a lock on the gate. The combination will be provided when you register. We recommend keeping the gate locked once all cars are in the parking lot. As long as someone is onsite, you may leave the gate unlocked while cars are arriving and departing, but be sure to lock the gate before you leave.

There is no parking allowed on Huron Trail. There are signs that say "No Parking, Fire Lane". Please confine all parking, loading, and unloading to the parking area (behind the gate). Leaders, please inform parents and others dropping off and picking up Scouts that they need to adhere to this policy. Please use car-pooling or stage arrivals so as to not block the road. Remind your campers that there are residences in the area, so please keep the noise level down.

Policies and Guidelines

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