PPC Camps

Busing Information

We strive to make your day camp experience a very enjoyable one. Since busing is a significant part of your Scout's day, here are few guidelines to help things run smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Remember, buses run at the whim of traffic. We cannot control construction or traffic problems. The bus drivers are experienced, and will do their best to arrive on time.
  2. Please be at your designated bus stop at least 10 minutes before drop-off and arrival times. If your child is scheduled to take a bus, please do not drive him to camp on the first day.
  3. Bus drivers are not allowed to leave a child unattended at the bus stop. They will wait 5 minutes and then continue on their route. The driver will then return to the stop of the child still on the bus. If the parent/guardian is still not at the stop, the child will be taken to the local police station. 
  4. Please do not change your child's bus stop on your own. Remember, changes can only be made up to two weeks prior to your son's camp date. Changes are made through Council Camping Department. 973-765-9322 ext.222 or email bridget.capen@scouting.org.
  5. If your emergency backup person is picking up your child, notify the camp in writing. Photo ID of the emergency person must be shown to bus driver.
  6. If it is necessary to pick your child up at camp, please notify the office at the camp he is attending. They will notify the bus driver. Please do not take your child home without signing him out at the camp office. Buses are not allowed to leave until every Scout is accounted for.

Camp Office Phone Numbers

  • Camp Wheeler Cub Scout Day Camp - 973-347-4877
  • Watchung Cub Scout Day Camp - 908-654-4510
  • Camp Somers Trailblazer Boy Scout Day Camp - 973-347-2240
  • Patriots' Path Council Camping Department, Cedar Knolls - 973-765-9322 x222
    Please call this number for busing situations after camp hours

Bus Schedules

Research Your Bus Route

We ask your assistance in helping us provide the best bus service possible. In past years, there have been many phone calls from parents changing bus stops or taking boys off buses entirely. Almost all of these requests have been made during the week of camp. All bus information is given to both the bus company and the camp director at least a week before your son's camp date. Any changes made after that time can create errors, and a potential safety nightmare. Therefore, please research your bus stop in advance.


  • Find the bus stop that is most convenient to your home, work, etc.
  • We recommend that you drive from this stop to the camp itself. If you feel the time on the bus is too long, find another stop, or make arrangements to drive your son to camp. Please don't wait until your son is already at camp to decide the time element is wrong. Remember that the bus makes other stops on route to and from camp. Camp begins at 8:45am and ends at 4:00pm (Watchung) or 4:15pm (Wheeler & Trailblazer). Drop off and pickup times are given for each stop.
  • If you are car pooling, or your son is going with a friend, please decide on a stop convenient to all.

Please note: All buses do not run all weeks; especially for Watchung Cub Scout Day Camp. Make sure your camp date coincides with your bus route.

We will accept bus changes up to two weeks prior to your son's camp date; no changes will be made during his week at camp. There will be a limit of two bus stops a week per camper.

For changes, call 973-765-9322 x222 or email bridget.capen@scouting.org.

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